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So what I would literally do is I would walk around my apartment as if I was blind.

I would close my eyes, and I would try to feel energy.

Aaron is in doubt about the feelings people will develop for Samanta the sex robot. When you fall in love, nothing else matters." The experience of watching two grown men fondle a sex robot appeared to have a profound effect on show host James Young, a 27-year-old double amputee who has been fitted with robotic prosthetics.

He grappled with the question of whether it was "inappropriate" to grope a love machine and said: "It's a dumb machine, but it almost doesn't feel consensual.

She replied: "Ok then, I think I am ready to do sex stuff, do you want me to?

" The owner of the bot - referred to as Aaron - advised to take a romantic approach to seduction, stroking her hands sensually rather than immediately groping her naughty areas. If you go straight for [her breasts] in the beginning, she won't like that so much." When her hand is gently rubbed, Samantha said: "Lovely, thank you for spending time with me.

And try to feel the energy of anything that was around me.

And then try to pick things up."He's Into Tantra: "When I was 19, I started studying Tantra.

SOCIALLY AWKWARD ROBOT [15 ] If you think that the first 'real' AI in years to come is going to be your perfect electronic friend, think again. Responses contain unfiltered content which may offend.

I enjoy being with you." When a finger is inserted into her mouth or her breasts and vagina are fondled, Samantha lets out a realistic feminine moan which is likely to sound unlike anything her owners have heard during encounters with real women.

But will this assignation lead to love or just lust?

I'm a nerdy guy who has yet to have any sexual encounters, but still loves showing off to people that wanna see :) Check out my Reddit or Tumblr accounts!

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